Airealism performing Fun at Hoxton Hall in 2010


…highly skilled and confident performers… this was a production which felt rooted in circus history and respectful of its mystery and magicKing Pole magazine
…every fall, twirl or leap kept us that little bit more on the edge of our seat (with much audible gasping to prove it).Australian Times
unfeigned avant-gardismTime Out
An explosive gravity-defying array of aerial circus acts exploring untold doom and destruction ahead: entropic visions, ghostly entities, imploding stars, radioactive dust..You have been warned!...A truly transporting experienceTime Out London Critics’ Choice
Noir is an extremely successful hour of theatre – fluid and engaging; an improbable combination pulled offSideshow Magazine
A dramatic thriller, paying homage to 40s cinema, Noir fuses physical theatre and aerial circus to tell the story of a detective, a blonde and vengeful gangsters...Prepare to be spellbound!Time Out
Whereas in Chandler and Hammett, the poetry is all in the hard-boiled dialogue, here it’s in the sinews of the performers, noir re-imagined as a series of silent gestures – detective fiction as choreography. Noir brilliantly bottles the genre without using a cell of filmThe Guardian