Airealism will be performing Don't Look Back at VAULT Festival

Airealism - circus shows and cabaret performances in London

Airealism is a circus company that creates circus shows and cabarets for audiences in London and throughout the UK. They have devised and performed sell-out shows at Jackson’s Lane, Hoxton Hall, the Albany, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Glastonbury Festival and the Vault Festival.

..every fall, twirl or leap kept us that little bit more on the edge of our seat (with much audible gasping to prove it). Australian Times

Having initially started out as a small community group, Airealism quickly developed into a fully-fledged circus company, with contortionist actuaries, risk-addicted writers and balancing bankers all signing up to create a dynamic new breed of circus performer. Airealism is a twenty person strong collective with a wide range of performance skills, including static trapeze, doubles trapeze, silk, rope, hoop, acrobatic balancing and dance trapeze.